June 2018

Construction and updates are being performed at the Lake and Playground.


2018 Election Results are in. The incumbents of the board were re-elected (Nathan Nichols, Whitney Robinson & Kevin Palmer). A new member was added, Vincent Hocuttt, who will serve as an Officer of the Board.

***As a reminder, we encourage all owners to participate in HOA activities, such as meetings, elections, committees, etc. Out of 716 homes, we had approximately 20 owners arrive at the annual meeting on 4/29.***

Highlights from the Meeting:

We went over the projects that have been done this year, and the things that still need to be done to those projects. They include additions to the playground (just needs some landscaping), the Big Bridge (Needs staining to be completed), the Boardwalk (Staining) and the Parking Lot (the company will come back out after it settles some and fill in where it settles). The company that Nathan Nichols found to do the parking lot will probably do some of the other things that did not get finished by other contractors. They have been easy to work with and have even come to check on the parking lot when we had not asked them to. They are local, and the perks of that was talked about. 

The projects for this year are to finish the above projects, repair the parking lot by the playground so that cars won't drag the ground when leaving it and repairing drainage issues at the lake that are causing holes in the rock pathway by the lake. Less definite, but planned, is to re-paint the signage in the neighborhood (Street signs ect) and repairing a drainage issue under the first entrance.

Dickie Drake came and talked with us about the high sewer prices and what he is trying to do in order to stop the rate increases, which is a Bill that he co-sponsored this past year.



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